About Me

I am a Master’s student and Gutwirth scholar at the Kishony lab in the Faculty of Biology at the Technion – Israel Institute of technology, where I harness novel genomic approaches and big data to investigate how microbial pathogens evolve inside our body.

I am invested in developing experimental and computational tools to understand how evolutionary dynamics and interspecies interactions bring rise to diversity, and how they may contribute to pathogen colonization and evolution. I occasionally write about these topics in my blog.

I previously completed a BSc in Neuroscience at McGill University, where I helped develop a new way to engineer human T cells to attack cancer in the Viral Vector and Vaccine Bioprocessing Group.


Evaluation of COVID-19 RT-qPCR Test in Multi sample Pools. Paper
Idan Yelin*, Noga Aharony*, Einat Shaer Tamar*, Amir Argoetti*, Esther Messer, Dina Berenbaum, Einat Shafran, Areen Kuzli, Nagham Gandali, Omer Shkedi, Tamar Hashimshony, Yael Mandel-Gutfreund, Michael Halberthal, Yuval Geffen, Moran Szwarcwort-Cohen, Roy Kishony. Clinical Infectious Diseases (2020).

Adeno‐Associated Viral Vectors for Homology‐Directed Generation of CAR‐T Cells. Paper
Pablo D. Moço, Noga Aharony, Amine Kamen. Biotechnology Journal (2019).

Blog Posts

Science Purgatory

What not to ask a scientist In the last year of my neuroscience degree, I sat in a guest lecture by one of the department’s newly-recruited professor. His lab explored the signalling molecules that orchestrated the very detailed, fine-tuned process of wiring the brain to the eye. It was an intimate seminar where he talkedContinue reading “Science Purgatory”

Optimal Lethality

I had this argument with my aunt, who said that one of the reasons we shouldn’t worry as much about COVID-19, is that viruses evolve to be less lethal over time, and she said that this is what happened with H1N1. I’ve only been studying evolution for a few months, and in bacteria, not viruses.Continue reading “Optimal Lethality”

When Less Is More?

For my graduate project I am trying to grow a community of microbes together. The main problem I’m facing is that putting many species together is not a guarantee they will survive, some will go “extinct” in my experiment.To do that, two different postdoctoral students advised me to use a minimal and defined media, likeContinue reading “When Less Is More?”